Sentence Examples

  • Plant them in fibry loam and tough and fibry peat, with a liberal admixture of leaf-mould and well-decayed woody matter, to which add a thin top-dressing of similar material every autumn.
  • Preparing the bed the old-fashioned way is a lot of work, but a well-made bed will grow delicious asparagus for fifty years with only annual top-dressing and hand cultivation.
  • Soot forms a good top-dressing; it consists principally of charcoal, but contains ammonia and a smaller proportion of phosphates and potash, whence its value as a manure is derived.
  • Malt-dust is an active manure frequently used as a top-dressing, especially for fruit trees in pots.
  • Gypsum, or sulphate of lime, applied as a top-dressing at the rate of 2 to 3 cwt.