Sentence Examples

  • Paris Hilton - Believe it or not, the heiress is said to be a very good tipper at restaurants, as well as with her stylists, manicurists, hair dressers and various other service folks.
  • It's lyrics and videos like these that inspired Tipper Gore to lead the charge for ratings on records and CD's.
  • Barbra Streisand is known in some circles as a notoriously bad tipper.
  • In Prussia a majority of the Tipper House and a very large minority of the Lower House (193 to 206) voted for an amendment expressly empowering the police to break up meetings in which anarchistic, socialistic or communistic doctrines were defended in such a manner as to be dangerous to society; the Saxon Conservatives demanded that women at least should be forbidden to attend socialistic meetings, and it remained illegal for any one under twenty-one years of age to be present at a political meeting.
  • The onion is grown in great quantities along the Nile banks in tipper Egypt, largely for export~ Among other vegetables commonly raised are tomatoes (the bulk of which are exported), potatoes (of poor quality), leeks, marrows, cucumbers, cauliflowers, lettuce, asparagus and spinach.

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