Sentence Examples

  • From early trains made of tin-plate, cast iron and wood to the steam and electric models of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, antique toy trains have captured the hearts of collectors for more than six decades.
  • Bituminous coal and natural gas abound in the vicinity, and iron, steel, and tin and terne plate are extensively manufactured in the city, the tin-plate plant being one of the most important in the United States.
  • It has a school of lacemaking, foundries, and manufactures of machinery, tin-plate and cotton goods.
  • The industrial development has been rather slow: sugar-refineries, tea-packing, oil-mills, tanneries, steam flour-mills, iron and mechanical works, factories of jute sacks, chemical works, tin-plate works, paper-factories are the chief.
  • The town (which is often called "the metallurgical capital of Wales") is the chief seat of the copper, spelter, tin-plate and patent fuel industries, and has within a compass of 4 m.