Sentence Examples

  • Thruston in command.
  • Meanwhile Major Thruston - a man justly loved by his soldiers, in whom he had complete confidence - hurried to the garrison at Luba's, near the Ripon Falls, relying on his personal influence to control the men, and risking his life in the heroic attempt.
  • The same night the Sudanese leaders, fearful lest their men might submit, murdered Thruston and his companions and sent letters to Uganda to incite their comrades to mutiny.
  • Thruston, African Incidents (2900); J.
  • The bey was killed fighting the dervishes at Wandi in January 1894, and the remnant of his men eventually were found by Captain Thruston from Uganda on the 23rd of March 1894 at Mahagi, on the Albert Nyanza, whither they had drifted from Wadelai in search of supplies.