Sentence Examples

  • 140), had a collection of ten out of thirteen, in the order, Gal., r and 2 Cor., Rom., r and 2 Thess., Laodic. (= Eph.), Col., Phil., Philem.
  • At present, both in N and B, Hebrews is placed after 2 Thess., but in B there is also a continuous numeration of sections throughout the epistles, according to which I to 58 cover Romans to Galatians, but Ephesians, the next epistle, begins with 70 instead of 59, and the omitted section numbers are found in Hebrews.
  • The apostle again reminds his readers how they had received his preaching " not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God," which showed its power by the way in which it took hold of those who believed in it (1 Thess.
  • Indeed, phrases more or less equivalent occur in the sub-apostolic literature, and even in the New Testament itself, such as those who are " over you in the Lord " (r Thess.
  • We have seen how St Paul, for instance, fully believed that his own preaching had a force behind it which vindicated for it the claim to be " the word of God " (r Thess.

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