Sentence Examples

  • Thes roles gave Washington a chance to exercise his acting chops and show the world what he was capable of.
  • Thes places were garrisoned, and during the rainy season Baratier returned to Italy, where he was received with unboundec enthusiasm.
  • The Japanes kinzoku-shi (metal sculptor) uses thirty-six principal classes 0, chisel, each with its distinctive name, and as most of thes classes comprise from five to ten sub-varieties, his cuttinl and graving tools aggregate about two hundred and fifty.
  • As thes laws are discussed under a separate heading (MoTION, LAWS 0F it is here only necessary to indicate the standpoint from whic the present article is written.
  • Of Orders I.-III., V., by Ugolinus, Thes., xvii.-xx., recent ed.