Sentence Examples

  • Remember that thermoplastic tiles come in decorative patterns and plain tiles, so there is no need to stick to one design for the space.
  • Thermoplastic tiles can give you the same look and decorative interest with prices as low as .50 a foot for plain tiles and $3 a foot for decorative tiles.
  • If you love the look of decorative ceramic tiles, but their price is out of your budget, consider using decorative thermoplastic backsplash tiles instead.
  • From the first hardened canvas helmets the company has produced leather, steel, fiberglass, and most recently thermoplastic for their hard hats.
  • These helmets are still hand crafted, shaped, stitched, and trimmed, but now they are done to meet and exceed the current safety standards that other thermoplastic helmets (known in the field as "salad bowls") also are measured by.