Sentence Examples

  • Attempts have been made to explain these various effects by the electron theory.4 Thermo-electric Quality.-The earliest observations of the effect of magnetization upon thermo-electric power were those of W.
  • The curves given by Houllevigue for the relation of thermo-electric force to magnetic field are of the same general form as those showing the relation of change of length to field.
  • The disadvantage is that the thermo-electric force is very small, about ten-millionths of a volt per degree, so that a small accidental disturbance may produce a serious error with a difference of temperature of only 1° between the junctions.
  • The actual tempera ture of the metal itself can then be observed by inserting thermometers or thermo-couples at measured distances from the centre.
  • Trans., 1892), with the substitution of thermo-couples (following Wiedemann) for mercury thermometers.