Sentence Examples

  • - The theocracy, however, was not destined to be established.
  • He worked with might and main for the continuation of the old theocracy, but before he died it had given way before an increasing Liberalism - even Yale was infected with the Episcopalianism that he hated.
  • When Godfrey died in July 1100 (after successful forays against the Mahommedans which took him as far as Damascus), it might seem as if a theocracy were after all to be established in Jerusalem, in spite of the events of 1099.
  • From the first the Crusade, however clerical in its conception, was largely secular in its conduct; and thus, somewhat paradoxically, a religious enterprise aided the growth of the secular motive, and contributed to the escape of the laity from that tendency towards a papal theocracy, which was evident in the pontificate of Gregory VII.
  • His ideal society was "a natural and spiritual theocracy," in which God would raise up men of mark and endowment, who would regard themselves strictly as "divine commissioners" to guide the people.