Sentence Examples

  • And V.) which may reasonably be assigned to the Temple at Jerusalem uses freely the name min', it may be inferred that the district where an objection was felt to writing the Tetragrammaton was some distance from Jerusalem, and probably not in such close touch with it as most of the country districts of Judaea would be.
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  • (1885), 1 -20; Deissmann, " Griechische Transkriptionen des Tetragrammaton," in Bibelstudien (1895), 1 -20; Blau, Das altji dische Zauberwesen, 1898.
  • TETRAGRAMMATON (TETTapa, four; ypcp. a, letter), a Greek compound, found in Philo and Josephus, which designates the divine name composed of the four Hebrew letters J H V H (n»').
  • The derivation and pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton is still doubtful.