Sentence Examples

  • Weight training stimulates your muscles and promotes protein synthesis in both men and women, and weight training is the only form of exercise that has shown some positive results for testosterone increases in both men and women.
  • Because men have more testosterone naturally present in their bodies, they tend to have a greater amount of muscle mass than women, and they also tend to be able to develop more muscle faster than their female counterparts.
  • Women are genetically incapable of developing huge muscles - even female body builders usually resort to hormone supplements (testosterone is responsible for muscle size) and decades of training to develop larger muscles.
  • It is well documented that men participating in almost any form of exercise, whether it's submaximal bike riding or maximal resistance training, see an acute increase in testosterone in the hours following their workout.
  • Additionally, recreational use of hCG is considered somewhat dangerous and should not be taken for any lengthy period of time, as the negative effects on testosterone levels can have serious health consequences.