Sentence Examples

  • It's wines reflect the terroir, growing conditions, and skill of winemakers with reputations for being the best in the world at their craft.
  • The principal reason for this is that the name "Champagne" refers not just to the composition of the wines but to their terroir, which encompasses all aspects of the climate and the soil in which wine grapes are grown.
  • Wines from Stags' Leap have a signature of concentrated fruit, rich expression, opulence, and complex structure; all reflecting the estate's inherent terroir and its winemaker.
  • The Dugats, Claude and his wife Jocelyne Py, tend to their vines with great care, cutting them in order to lower the yield and concentrate the terroir from the soil.
  • The distinctive natural components of the terroir of Champagne are the underlying factors that account for the special flavor of wines from the Champagne region.

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