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  • TELLURIUM [[[Symbol]] Te, atomic weight 127.5 (0=16)], a chemical element, found to a certain extent in nature in the uncombined condition, but chiefly in combination with other metals in the form of tellurides, such, for example, as sylvanite, black tellurium, and tetradymite.
  • It is best obtained by decomposing metallic tellurides with mineral acids.
  • It may be liquefied, the liquid boiling at o° C., and on further cooling, it solidifies, the solid melting at -48° C. Many tellurides of metals have been examined by C. A.
  • Soc., 1909, 3 1, p. 902) who obtained the sodium and potassium tellurides by the direct union of their component elements and others from these by precipitation.
  • The ores are almost exclusively gold, tellurides being the most characteristic form, and occur in fissure veins.

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