Sentence Examples

  • Questions of tithes (or "teinds ") and ministers' stipends were referred to commissioners by acts of the Scots parliaments beginning in 1607.
  • The commissioners of teinds became a species of ecclesiastical court.
  • But in Scotland the ordinary judges of the Inner and Outer Houses are called lords ordinary, the junior lord ordinary of the Outer House acts as lord ordinary of the bills, the second junior as lord ordinary on teinds, the third junior as lord ordinary on Exchequer causes.
  • Gardiner speaks of the final shape of Charles's measure as " a wise and beneficent reform "; and he did aim at recovering the "teinds" or tithes, and securing something like a satisfactory sustenance for ministers.
  • The parliamentary return of 1888 showed the value of the teinds of 876 parishes to be £375,678 and the stipends paid to amount (exclusive of manses and glebes) to £242,330.

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