Sentence Examples

  • - Diagram of a simple form of Crinoid, with five arms, each forking once; the one nearest the observer is removed to expose the tegmen of five orals.
  • - Monocyclica in which the dorsal cup is confined to the patina and occasional intercalated anals;: such ambulacrals or interambulacrals as enter the tegmen remain supra-tegminal and not rigidly united.
  • That part of the theca below the origins of the free arms is called the "dorsal cup"; the ventral part above the origins of the arms, serving as cover to the cup, is known as the "tegmen."
  • - Monocyclica with dorsal cup primitively confined to the patina and an occasional single anal; tegmen solid; portions of the proximal brachials and their ambulacrals tend to be rigidly incorporated in the theca.
  • Are either incorporated in, or pressed below, the tegmen by interambulacrals; all thecal plates united by suture, somewhat loose in the earliest forms, but speedily becoming close, and producing a rigid theca; mouth and tegminal food-grooves closed; arms pinnulate.

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