Sentence Examples

  • However, you may find that wooden blocks are not the best option for a teething baby due to a risk of splintering, and that plastic and Styrofoam blocks make the most sense for children under two.
  • A frozen teething toy numbs the gums and reduces swelling, although it should not be left on the gum for more than one minute without a break.
  • If the piece you need to replace is specific to the crib, such as a teething guard or drop-side replacement kit, and the crib was manufactured in the last ten years, contact the manufacturer directly.
  • Monika moved from the USA to Brazil after finishing her education, and currently resides there with her husband and infant daughter, whose favorite teething material is, what else, Lycra!
  • Other conditions can induce a fever, including allergic reactions, ingestion of toxins, teething, autoimmune disease, trauma, cancer, excessive sun exposure, or certain drugs.