Sentence Examples

  • However, because cats have very specific nutritional needs and require specific vitamins and nutrients (in particular taurine), this type of diet needs to be closely monitored by your veterinarian.
  • Lamb Meal & Rice Adult Small Bites Dry Dog Food - In addition to lamb meal, the ingredients in this dog food include white and brown rice, sunflower oil, and Taurine, an amino acid.
  • If you look back at my last recipe for homemade cat treats, I list some things that are very important for your cat's diet, including Taurine, which is an amino acid.
  • You can buy a compete vitamin and mineral supplement targeted for cats and crush it up and sprinkle it in your cat's food just before serving, or get just taurine.
  • In addition, other main ingredients include brown rice, rice, sunflower oil, natural vitamins and minerals, and Taurine, an essential amino acid.