Sentence Examples

  • My sister's kids would like to have their Tata Wendy teach Gomez a trick that my dog Senny does called his "Bang!" trick.
  • On the 2nd of September Suleiman entered the city, and to the ambassadors of Ferdinand, who came to offer a yearly sum if the sultan would recognize his claim to Hungary, he replied that he had taken possession of it by the sword and would negotiate only after the surrender of Gran, Tata, Visegrad and Szekesfehervar.
  • Suleiman kept the possessions he had won by the sword, Temesvar, Szolnok, Tata and other places in Hungary; Transylvania was assigned to John Sigismund, the Habsburg claim to interference being categorically denied; Ferdinand bound himself to pay, not only the annual tribute of 30,000 ducats, but all the arrears that had meanwhile accumulated.
  • Coal and iron are found in conjunction in the Central Provinces, and the Tata Company has recently been formed to work them on a large scale.
  • Tata, founder of the Institute of Scientific Research at Bangalore.

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