Sentence Examples

  • Tanner 1897-1901 Republican Richard Yates1901-1905„ Charles S.
  • While at Joppa he stayed with Simon the tanner, and thence was summoned to Caesarea to Cornelius the centurion.
  • Man and Superman (published in 1903) was produced there on the 23rd of May 1905, in a necessarily abridged form, with Granville Barker in the part of John Tanner, the author of the "Revolutionists's Handbook and Pocket Companion," printed as an appendix to the play.
  • Tanner and D.
  • P. Tanner, The Province of New Jersey (New York, 1908), the most thorough study of the period from 1664 to 1738; Samuel Smith's History of the Colony of Nova Caesarea, or New Jersey (Burlington, 1765; 2nd ed., Trenton, 1877), still one of the best accounts of the colonial period, and particularly valuable on account of its copious extracts from the sources, many of which are no longer accessible; see, also, William A.