Sentence Examples

  • Peace of Mind - With a standard tanked water heater, there is always a fear that the tank will rust and leak or break, which will result in a flood if nobody's home to catch it in time.
  • Have you been wondering why your puppy has been sailing through those Thursday night obedience training sessions with flying colors, but suddenly this Thursday he tanked out?
  • Long Life - A Rinnai tankless heater is designed to last at least 20 years, which is two to three times longer than the life expectancy of most tanked water heaters.
  • GE standard tanked water heaters each come with the company's standard one-year in-home warranty; they will come to your home to fix any problem in the first year.
  • Clean, Fresh Water - In a tanked system, water is held in a tank where rust and scale eventually build up on the inside of the tank.

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