Sentence Examples

  • It receives the Waters of the canalized channels which were once the Tanitic, Mendesian and Pelusiac branches.
  • That part of the lake east of where the canal was excavated is now marshy plain and the Tanitic and Pelusiac mouths of the Nile are dry.
  • Farther east are other canals, of which the most remarkable occupy in part the beds of the Tanitic and Pelusiac branches.
  • That following the old Tanitic channel is called the canal of Al-Moizz, the first Fatimite caliph who ruled in Egypt, having been dug by his orders, and the latter bears the name of the canal of Abu-l-Muneggi, a Jew who executed this work, under the caliph Al-Amir, in order to water the province called the Sharkia.
  • It is built on a branch of the Fresh Water or Ismailia canal, and on the Al-Mo`izz canal (the ancient Tanitic channel of the Nile), and is 47 m.