Sentence Examples

  • The whole country had tamely submitted to the invader, and the leading chiefs had taken the oaths of allegiance.
  • When in July of that year Rockingham gave place to Chatham, Conway retained his office; and when Chatham became incapacitated by illness he tamely acquiesced in Townshend's reversal of the American policy which he himself had so actively furthered in the previous administration.
  • The squadron nevertheless tamely returned to harbour, Togo resumed the blockade and Nogi began his advance from Nanshan, but the 2nd and 4th Armies came to a standstill at once (naval escort for their sea-borne supplies being no longer available), and the 1st Army, whose turn to advance had just arrived, only pushed ahead a few miles to cover a larger supply area.
  • The resolutions further declare that " this Commonwealth is determined, as it doubts not its co-states are, tamely to submit to undelegated and therefore unlimited powers in no man or body of men on earth," and that " these and successive acts of the same character, unless arrested on the threshold, may tend to drive these states into revolution and blood."
  • Louis tamely accepted his defeat.

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