Sentence Examples

  • In addition to the rich line of luggage that has eased the traveler's way for decades, Tambour travel watches make sure the discriminating traveler is always in time with his world.
  • The mid 20th century brought Louis Vuitton products into the fashion world and in 2002, the Tambour wrist watch collection was launched and received with high accolades.
  • Tambour Automatic GMT--Yellow Gold: Louis Vuitton designers took the brown dial Automatic GMT and classed it up a notch by crafting the case from fine yellow gold.
  • The defining elements of the black Tambour chronographs watches are their primary black color, their white or pink accents, and their sturdy rubber straps.
  • Tambour Automatic GMT--Steel: For the traveler who prefers steel straps over leather, this version of the Automatic GMT is sure to please the masses.