Sentence Examples

  • Musicians like U2, Duran Duran and Talib Kweli have performed exclusive concerts in the Second Life virtual world.
  • His father, Abu Talib, was an uncle of the prophet, and Ali himself was adopted by Mahomet and educated under his care.
  • Among the writers of this time who did not copy Nabi are Sabit, Rasikh and Talib, each of whom endeavoured, with no great success, to open up a new path for himself.
  • Ibn Ali Talib, anxious to perpetuate their severance from the orthodox church and the Byzantine empire, confirmed these privileges by charter and in 762 the patriarchate was removed to Bagdad.
  • ALI, in full, 'ALI BEN ABU TALIB (c. 600-661), the fourth of the caliphs or successors of Mahomet, was born at Mecca about the year A.D.