Sentence Examples

  • Air Tali: Slightly less glamorous than Talia, Tali is made of plush vachetta leather and trimmed with patent leather on the toe.
  • Tali - 5'4", 190 lbs. Tali is a 26 year old artist and motivational speaker from New York City.
  • The Tali-Bhamo caravan route, described by Colborne Baker, crosses the river by one of those iron suspension bridges which are a feature of Yun-nan, at a height of 4700 ft.
  • 2 "Mando et concedo et confirmo ut ista civitas cum sua plebe et cum omnibus suis pertinentiis sub tali lege et sub tali foro maneat per saecula cuncta.
  • The river is bridged by the Chinese on the main route from Teng Yileh (Momien) and Bhamo to Tali-fu.