Sentence Examples

  • Not content with the 67,000 talers a month which he drew as salary for his innumerable offices, he was found when an inquiry was held in the next reign to have abstracted more than five million talers of public money for his private use.
  • His fortune was found to amount to a million and a half of talers, and was sequestered but afterwards restored to his family.
  • Offered him a refuge in Halle, with a salary of Soo talers and the permission to lecture.
  • A year after his marriage he had been stricken down by severe illness, from the effects of which he was never completely to recover; financial cares followed, which were relieved unexpectedly by the generosity of the hereditary prince of Holstein-Augustenburg and his minister, Graf Schimmelmann, who conferred upon him a pension of moo talers a year for three years.

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