Sentence Examples

  • Their argument is that the free distribution of guitar tablature for an artist's songs denies that artist an avenue of revenue that he/she might otherwise have through sheet music sales and, tangentially, CD or download sales.
  • Ultimate Guitar: Ultimate Guitar's name is hardly an exaggeration: It may be the "ultimate" site for guitar players online, boasting news, forums and instruction in addition to a vast repository of tablature.
  • Traditionally, it is considered more beneficial for players to learn to read the standard musical notation provided in classical guitar sheet music before moving on to tablature in order to develop good playing technique.
  • Visitors who are looking for tablature for songs that have not yet been added to the website will find that this is the place to make requests, or even look for others in need and give something back to the community.
  • Gospel and Christian Sheet Music: The Gospel and Christian Sheet Music website provides tablature and sheet music for many instruments that include the guitar, as well as piano, bass, trumpet and violin.