Sentence Examples

  • Although the show will be leaving the air in August of 2008, fans continue to soak up all the last minute data they can for what will happen to their favorite Harmony residents from Tabitha to Julian to Jessica, Gwen and more.
  • The multi-racial core families were highly applauded on daytime television, but they were also joined by a supernatural element in the form of Tabitha Lenox played by Juliet Mills.
  • He was often interchanged with a stuffed doll as all the other characters on the show just saw the doll, but he truly adored Tabitha and their story was beloved by fans.
  • Tabitha gave birth to a child in 2003 that she named Endora and in a loving nod to Bewitched fans everywhere, she named her parents as Samantha and Darrin.
  • Though Tabitha Lenox has occupied a beloved place in many favored storylines, only her storylines with Timmy top the work she does with her own daughter.