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  • The combined effect of these successive blows, aggravated by the long period of decentralizing policy from Taaffe to Badeni, is still felt in the Kaiserstadt.
  • Eduard Franz Joseph, count von Taaffe, 11th viscount Taaffe and baron of Ballymore >>
  • It was not till the Taaffe Government that it became a frequent thing for individual Slav deputies to speak in their own language.
  • In 1887 things went better; there was some difficulty about the tariff, especially about the tax on petroleum, but Count Taaffe had a stronger position than the Austrian ministers of 1877.
  • Parliamentary life in Austria was paralysed by the feud between Germans and Czechs that resulted directly from the Badeni language ordinances of 1897 and indirectly from the development of Slav influence, particularly that of Czechs and Poles during the Taaffe era (1879-1893).

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