Sentence Examples

  • Meyer didn't think any of the ring proposals matched her image of Bella's engagement ring so Swain sent a rough sketch of Meyer's idea to Thurber, who had created the Cullen family crest jewelry.
  • Once it was determined a real ring was needed for the movie, Eclipse, Meyer worked with Portland-based jewelry designer Rick Thurber and prop designer Grant Swain to create the movie prop ring.
  • After Meyer and Swain approved his design, Thurber created the movie prop using real diamonds since there was no time to order cubic zirconia stones for the ring.
  • By giving shelter to the fugitive Eadgils, a rebel against his uncle the king of the " Swain " (the Swedes, dwelling to the north of the Gautar), Heardred brought on himself an invasion, in which he lost his life.
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