Sentence Examples

  • As this species has been obtained in Surat and the Punjab, it is believed to be the northern type.
  • His mother took him to Surat, where he was educated in a mission school, but he never succeeded in gaining an academical degree.
  • On board the fleet which in 1626 conveyed Sir Dodmore Cotton, a British ambassador, with his staff, from Surat to Bandar `Abbas, there were more than 300 slaves bought of Persians in India, and the only remark which this circumstance suggested to Sir T.
  • In 1803 the Bombay presidency included only Salsette, the islands of the harbour (since 1774), Surat and Bankot (since 1756); but between this date and 1827 the framework of the presidency took its present shape.
  • Captain Hawkins landed at Surat and travelled overland to Agra, passing some time at the court of the Great Mogul.