Sentence Examples

  • The North American Thread-leaved Sundew (D. filiformis) is a beautiful bog plant, with very long slender leaves covered with glandular hairs, the flowers purple-rose color, half an inch wide, and opening only in the sunshine.
  • Sundew (Drosera) - Most interesting little bog plants, of which all the hardy species but one are natives of Britain.
  • Caroline in Sundew Linen is a gorgeous floral in variegated russets and green set against a tan background.
  • Thus Nepenthes secures a supply of nitrogenous food from the animal world in a manner somewhat similar to that adopted by the British sundew, butterwort, and other insectivorous plants.
  • This, like the excretion of the sundew and other insectivorous plants, contains a digestive ferment (or enzyme) which renders the nitrogenous substances of the body of the insect soluble, and capable of absorption by the leaf.