Sentence Examples

  • Meet Geisha girls and Sumo wrestlers as you accompany Stanley on a tour of Tokyo's Cherry Blossom Festival and Imperial Palace; join him as he goes rafting in Brazil or flies down a zip line over the jungles of Costa Rica.
  • Attend a sporting event, especially one that neither of you has gone to before, for example sumo wrestling or a polo match.
  • In the nearly unexplored central part of Nicaragua Dr Lehmann found fragments of painted polychrome clay pottery similar to objects known from the Ulloa Valley (Honduras) amongst other ceramic pieces which seem to have been left by the ancestors of the Sumo Indians, now extinct in that territory.
  • There is no doubt that, at the time of the Pipil invasion, tribes of the Sumo-Misquito family were the immediate neighbours of the Pipils towards the east and north.
  • The western neighbours of the Sumo Indians were and are (though few still survive) the Lenca Indians, who formerly occupied large parts of Honduras.