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  • The Society of Jesus was only one of several orders - Franciscans (Recollets), Sulpicians, Ursulines, &c. - who worked in New France.
  • Besides the religious congregations there are a number of " secular congregations," composed of secular priests living together under temporary vows and free to leave at will; the following deserve mention: Oblates of St Charles (founded by St Charles Borromeo, 1578); Oratorians (founded by St Philip Neri, c. 1570); the French Oratory (founded by Cardinal Berulle, 1613), a similar but distinct institution, which produced a number of scholars of the highest distinction - Thomassin, Morin, Marlebranche, Richard Simon, Juenin, Lebrun, Masillon, and others; Lazarists (founded by St Vincent de Paul, 1624); Sulpicians (founded by M.

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