Sentence Examples

  • The serf, the Sudra, was not to worship the gods of the Aryan freemen.
  • The ancient designation Sudra finds no great favour in modern times, and we can point to no group that is generally recognized as representing it.
  • What it did make impossible for him was to attain that union immediately on the cessation of his present life, as he would first have to pass through higher and purer stages of mundane existence before reaching that goal; but in this respect he only shared the lot of all but a very few of the saintliest in the higher spheres of life, since the ordinary twice-born would be liable to sink, after his present life, to grades yet lower than that of the Sudra.
  • In course of time the process of intermingling, as we have seen, assumed such proportions that the priestly class, in their pride of blood, felt naturally tempted to recognize, as of old, only two" colours,"the Aryan Brahman and the non-Aryan Sudra.
  • The generic name applied to the latter was Sudra, originally probably the name of one of the subjected tribes.

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