Sentence Examples

  • When playing with a sudoku board game, you'll have to set up those tiles yourself.The game comes with the needed tiles with each of the different numbers on it, as well as a game book that will get you started forming puzzles.
  • You can check out the interactive menu and choose a puzzle to play online, or you can select from one of the many word searches, number puzzles, crosswords, wordplay puzzles, kids Sudoku, logic and brainteaser puzzles.
  • Sudoku is regularly played with paper and pencil, like a crossword puzzle, but a sudoku wooden board games gives you the option to play away from your daily newspaper or favorite puzzle book.
  • Since the sudoku craze is so hot right now, you should be able to find a sudoku wooden board game at your local toy store, or even in the toy section of a discount store or department store.
  • Sudoku: What started out as quite the craze in daily newspapers has led to a broader appeal in dedicated Sudoku books, games for mobile phones, and free web versions of Sudoku too.