Sentence Examples

  • Seeing that the situation in Buganda was impossible unless they had a strong central force, which the company could not provide, Lugard and Williams had formed the idea of enlisting the Sudanese who had been left by Emin and Stanley at the south end of the Albert Lake.
  • He brought away with him 8000 Sudanese men, women, children and slaves, under Selim Bey (an Egyptian officer).
  • Being on the frontier line, the possession of the town was for long a matter of dispute between the Sudanese, and later the Egyptians, on the one hand and the Abyssinians on the other.
  • Grant, some so Sudanese soldiers, and about 250 porters, armed with Snider carbines.
  • After an absence of six months from Buganda, Lugard reached the capital at the end of the year (1891) with 200 or 300 Sudanese soldiers and two or three times that number of followers.