Sentence Examples

  • The last and most characteristic festival of Canaanite life was that of Asiph or " ingathering " which after the Deuteronomic reformation (621 B.C.) had made a single sanctuary and therefore a considerable journey with a longer stay necessary, came to be called Succoth or booths.
  • He then effected an unexpected reconciliation with Esau, passed to Succoth, where he built "booths" for his cattle (hence its name), and reached Shechem.
  • Succoth (Egyptian Thuket) was identical with it or was in its immediate neighbourhood.
  • Singularly enough, the Babylonian colonists in the cities of Samaria are said to have made idols, not of Marduk, but of a deity called Succoth-benoth 2 (2 Kings xvii.
  • The Massoth or feast of unleavened cakes (which marked the beginning of the corn-harvest), and the Asiph (" ingathering," later called succoth, " booths") which marked the close of all the year's ingathering of vegetable products.