Sentence Examples

  • Hence we can separate the numbers from the common unit, and replace 3 lb - I - 5 lb - 7 lb +2 lb by (3+5-7+2) lb, the additions and subtractions being then performed by means of an addition-table.
  • (vii.) The only exception that may be made to the above rule is that an expression involving multiplication-dots only, or a simple fraction written with the solidus, may have the brackets omitted for additions or subtractions, provided the figures are so spaced as to prevent misunderstanding.
  • (vi) Distributive Law, that multiplications and divisions may be distributed over additions and subtractions, e.g.
  • Additions and subtractions are simple.
  • 8d., on the grouping system, we split up each quantity into its denominations, perform the subtractions independently, and then regroup the results as the " remainder " £6, 2s.