Sentence Examples

  • In many cases gauze strainers were at first employed, and, as an improvement upon or addition to these, the water was caused filtratio n.
  • It is checked even by fine copper wire-gauze strainers, and where the water passes through sand-filter beds in the course of an aqueduct, the growth, though very great between the reservoir and the filter beds, is almost absent between the filter beds and the town.
  • From these facts it is clear that, other things being the same, the best position for the strainers and filter beds is as close as possible to the reservoir.
  • From the shape and position of the phagocytic organs it is obvious that they form admirable strainers through which the fluid of the body-cavity filters (figs.
  • As such strainers were further improved, by sorting the sand and gravel, and using the fine sand only at the surface, better clarification of the water was obtained; but chemical analysis indicated, or was at the time thought to indicate, that that improvement was practically confined to clarification, as the dissolved impurities in the water were certainly very little changed.