Sentence Examples

  • He excommunicated the queen as a stiff-necked adherent of the French anti-pope, and in 1381 conferred Naples on the ambitious Charles .of Durazzo, with whom he was soon inextricably embroiled; while, a little later, he fell out with his new College of Cardinals.
  • But if his offensive were so far successful, if he had once cleared the way to the plains - then perhaps the stiff-necked Falkenhayn might change his mind, and take advantage of the opening offered by an Austrian success.
  • The very existence of Denmark demanded the suppression and conversion of these stiff-necked pagan freebooters, and to this double task Absalon devoted the best part of his life.
  • The schismatics Ardashir imprisoned for a year; if, at its expiration, they still refused to listen to reason, and remained stiff-necked, they were executed.
  • It is undeniable that his favourite wife was the most stiff-necked pagan of her day.