Sentence Examples

  • There were more than a hundred terra-cotta statuettes, but none of fine quality.
  • He sent a number of statuettes to the various exhibitions, notably one of Gilbert Louis Duprez as William Tell.
  • 16), but the Aegean women developed it into a bodice-and-skirt costume, well represented by the frescoes of Cnossus and the statuettes of the snake-goddess and her votaries there discovered.
  • They no longer devote themselves to the manufacture of sword ornaments, but work rather at vases, censers, statuettes, plaques, boxes and other objects of a serviceable or ornamental nature.
  • He was succeeded by Tozawa Benshi, an old man of over seventy in 1909, who, using clay from Owari or Hizen, has turned out many porcelain statuettes of great beauty.