Sentence Examples

  • SIR ROBERT GIFFEN (1837-1910), British statistician and economist, was born at Strathaven, Lanarkshire.
  • It is largely due to the overlooking of this phase of the question that an American statistician has fallen into the error of stating that about 16s.
  • Effects of the World War.-The losses suffered by Latvia from evacuation, war, occupation, invasion and Bolshevik rule almost ruined her beyond hope; the official statistician Skuieneeks estimated in 1920 that it would take 50 years to bring her back to the pre-war level.
  • Fuentes, an able statistician and the author of the Estadistica de Linta, has also written a manual of parliamentary practice.
  • LAMBERT ADOLPHE JACQUES QUETELET (1796-1874), Belgian astronomer, meteorologist and statistician, was born at Ghent on the 22nd of February 1796, and educated at the lyceum of that town.