Sentence Examples

  • By standardizing the Cub Scout patch location, the Boy Scouts of America have created a way for all Cub Scouts from around the world to recognize and know a lot about each other, from the different colors of Arrow Points to the Den Number.
  • In the same circuit is also included the induction coil E, which is used for standardizing the galvanometer; this secondary coil is represented in the diagram by three turns of wire wound over a much longer primary coil.
  • He was associated with Henry Williams Chisholm and others as a member of the Royal Commission of1868-1869for standardizing weights and measures.
  • Amphiaraus, foreseeing the disastrous issue of the war, at first refused to share in it; he had, however, promised Eriphyle when he married her that, in the event of any dispute arising between her brother and ' See " The Electrolysis of Copper Sulphate in Standardizing Electrical Instruments," by A.
  • Besides the State departments dealing with weights and measures, there are other standardizing institutions of recent date.