Sentence Examples

  • In Squier and Crehore's " Synchronograph " system " sine waves of current, instead of sharp " makes and breaks," or sharp reversals, are employed for transmitting signals, the waves being produced by an alternating-current dynamo, and regulated by means of a perforated paper ribbon, as in the Wheatstone automatic system.
  • Squier, Peru: Incidents of Travel and Exploration in the Land of the Incas (ibid.
  • Squier, Nicaragua, &c. (2nd ed., London, 1871); J.
  • Squier, Peru (New York, 1877); and Charles Wiener, Perou et Bolivie (Paris, 1882).
  • (Paris, 1900); see also the chief memoirs of the period, such as those of Talleyrand, Chateaubriand, Guizot, due de Broglie, Villele, Vitrolles, Pa.squier, the comtesse de Boigne (ed.

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