Sentence Examples

  • The more Spinozistic side of Leibnitz's thought - God as Monad of Monads - is a theistic postulate if hardly a theistic proof.
  • Spinoza: the Spinozistic affinities of Leibnitz are not so marked as Lotze's).
  • He starts from the Spinozistic thought that bodily facts and conscious facts, though not reducible one to the other, are different sides of one reality.
  • 1876), contains an attack upon personal immortality and an advocacy of the Spinozistic immortality of reabsorption in nature.
  • Abelard also perceived that Realism, by separating the universal substance from the forms which individualize it, makes the universal indifferent to these forms, and leads directly to the doctrine of the identity of all beings in one universal substance or matter - a pantheism which might take either an Averroistic or a Spinozistic form.

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