Sentence Examples

  • Dwarf tufted kinds requiring care on the bog or rock garden, those marked * thriving in moist open soil in turf or sphagnum in full sun: the others dryer spots and pebbly soil; calcareous soil to be preferred for vernea and its forms.
  • It is a good plant for the bog garden or for damp spots in the rock garden, in an open and fully-exposed position with the choicer bog plants, in fibrous peat well mixed with Sphagnum Moss, which is common in marshy places.
  • It is less trouble out of doors than under glass; indeed, it only requires a moderately wet bog in a light spongy soil of fibrous peat and chopped Sphagnum Moss.
  • Gardeners often dispense with the pot, using sphagnum moss and leaf-mould only when propagating indiarubber plants, perpetual carnations, dracaenas, &c.
  • For most of these the lightest spongy but sweet turfy peat must be used, this being packed lightly about the roots, and built up above the pot-rim, or in some cases freely mixed before use with chopped sphagnum moss and small pieces of broken pots or nodules of charcoal.