Sentence Examples

  • Small masts and spars are often made of it, and are said to be lighter than those of pine.
  • But Villeneuve's ill-appointed ships, manned by raw crews, suffered loss of spars in a gale, and he returned to Toulon on the 21st.
  • In experiments with magnifying glasses, and through spars, the ordinary effects of magnifying and of alteration of view are sometimes produced; sometimes they are not.
  • Tromp, conscious that his ships were weaker in build, at first drew away, firing at the spars of the English ships in order to cripple them.
  • The barrier was originally formed of a number of long square wooden spars which could be readily handled by one man, being inclined slightly - from the vertical and placed close together for shutting the weir; but panels of wood or sheetiron closing the space between adjacent frames and sliding in grooves at the sides, and rolling-up curtains ?