Sentence Examples

  • Talbots: Perfect for family outings, relaxation or enjoying the scenery during a leisurely walk, these signature wash cargo pants feature slim legs and a stretchy, comfortable fit because they are made from a cotton/Lycra spandex blend.
  • The materials depend on the strap style, but include cotton and spandex for the fabric straps (found in many conventional bras), transparent polyurethane for the clear straps, and nickel-free silver for the Elite jewelry straps.
  • Spiderman - that webslinging superhero from the Marvel universe is a Halloween staple and with many versions to choose from, you too can live out your super hero fantasies by doning one of several spandex Spiderman costumes.
  • While nylon, spandex and various forms of polyester have allowed for a lot of variety in bra styles and patterns as well as levels of support and performance, a lot of women not only prefer the classic cotton, but need it.
  • However, velvet is a sturdy, stiff fabric with little stretch, so choose those garments with a fabric blend that includes some spandex, and order one or two sizes larger than you normally would because velvet runs small.