Sentence Examples

  • The nutritional assessment includes a review of the child's fiber intake as well as his or her usual consumption of sugars such as sorbitol and fructose-common culprits of diarrhea.
  • There is an approximately 3x3 inch patch in the training pants which contains Sorbitol, a sugar-like material that is used as a sweetener in gum or as a skin softening emollient.
  • With early diagnosis, fructose intolerance can be successfully treated by eliminating fructose, sucrose, and sorbitol from the diet (less than 40 mg/kg per day).
  • Both prescription and over-the-counter medications can contain additives, such as lactose and sorbitol, that will produce diarrhea in sensitive individuals.
  • It is important for the child to avoid fructose, sucrose, and sorbitol sources and yet maintain proper nutrition.